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Elk Meat is A Healthy Choice

Velvet Antler


Velvet is the word used to describe the elk antler before it has started to calcify. In the Orient, velvet has been used for over 2,000 years as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. In North America velvet is marketed as a dietary supplement. Research promotes the following abilities of velvet antler: reduce inflammation, influence body metabolism, support immune function, protect damaged tissues, and improve blood, liver and kidney function.


Elk Velvet Antler — Dietary Supplement from Yesterday for Today


Can I Give This Product to My Pets?


Historical Claims of Velvet Antler

Trophy Bulls

Conservation Ranches offer interested individuals a hunting experience in habitat which is comparable to that of free-ranging elk, while providing an economically rewarding harvest opportunity to those producers who have appropriate land resources.Game preserves allow physically challenged hunters an experience otherwise unavailable to them.They serve individuals who are unable to travel to states with free-ranging elk.They provide individuals a safer hunting experience.They provide a profitable purpose for maintaining large, undeveloped open spaces.Natural cover and the large size of the average facility allow a typical hunting experience.Harvest of domestic elk, like that of free-ranging elk, is often a necessary process of population control.

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