The Farmed Elk Industry Supports Missouri Jobs and Families!


Missouri is a strong agriculture state that works to provide a business climate that creates jobs. Throughout the state are elk farmers that improve the Missouri economy in several ways.


Did You Know?


~The Missouri elk industry contributes to the nation's $4 billion dollar cervid industry.

~Domestic elk farming provides the sole income for many American families.

~Most elk farms are family operations. Many of these farms are second and third generation owners.

~Domestic elk can be raised on marginal land that could not otherwise be useful for cattle or farmland.

~Elk meat is fast growing red meat alternative. It is high in protein, low cholesterol, low fat, and sold in many Missouri venues.

~Elk burgers and steaks are commonly sold in local farmers markets and restaurants.

~Velvet antler is harvested from farmed elk bulls that are used to make medicines to help relieve arthritis and other muscle ailments.

~Farmed elk produce many commodities that are exported bringing out of state dollars to Missouri.

~Farmed elk and deer are routinely vaccinated, wormed, and well fed every day making them the healthiest cervids in the state.

~Missouri has been a home to domestic elk since the 1980’s.

~Farmed elk have been regulated completely by the Missouri Department of Agriculture since 1995.

~The biggest threat our Missouri elk farmers and their businesses is over-regulation and inaccurate information.

The North American Elk Breeders Association, or NAEBA, is a non-profit organization, founded to promote and protect the elk farming and ranching industry. The primary goal of the association is to educate its members and the general public about the rewards and opportunities that are available through participation in the industry as a legitimate diversified agricultural pursuit.


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