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The Farmed Elk Industry Supports Missouri Jobs and Families!


Missouri is a strong agriculture state that works to provide a business climate that creates jobs. Throughout the state are elk farmers that improve the Missouri economy in several ways.


Did You Know?


~The Missouri elk industry contributes to the nation's $4 billion dollar cervid industry.

~Domestic elk farming provides the sole income for many American families.

~Most elk farms are family operations. Many of these farms are second and third generation owners.

~Domestic elk can be raised on marginal land that could not otherwise be useful for cattle or farmland.

~Elk meat is fast growing red meat alternative. It is high in protein, low cholesterol, low fat, and sold in many Missouri venues.

~Elk burgers and steaks are commonly sold in local farmers markets and restaurants.

~Velvet antler is harvested from farmed elk bulls that are used to make medicines to help relieve arthritis and other muscle ailments.

~Farmed elk produce many commodities that are exported bringing out of state dollars to Missouri.

~Farmed elk and deer are routinely vaccinated, wormed, and well fed every day making them the healthiest cervids in the state.

~Missouri has been a home to domestic elk since the 1980’s.

~Farmed elk have been regulated completely by the Missouri Department of Agriculture since 1995.

~The biggest threat our Missouri elk farmers and their businesses is over-regulation and inaccurate information.

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